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Lots of great old photo's of Greenville in this collection by Forrest Lamar Cooper at Mississippi Department of Archives...

Mississippi Department of Archives and History

This was posted on Facebook and some of you aren't on there. I copied notes and all. Lara






Getting Old(er)

You Know You're Getting Old When ... find yourself standing next to your car with your keys in your hand, but you can't remember whether you're going somewhere or you just got back. walk out to the parking lot of the mall, and not only did you forget where you parked, but you also forgot what car you were driving.

 ...your daughter takes you out to dinner, and the cashier takes one look and gives you both senior discounts.

 ...everything hurts, and what doesn't hurt doesn't work. reach down to pull up your wrinkled stockings and realize you don't have any on.

 ...when you raise your arm, and you find your "muscle" is now on the bottom side.

 ...when you have as students the grandchildren of your former students.

 ...when you sit down to the breakfast table, and the snap, crackle, pop you hear isn't your breakfast cereal.

 ...when you bend over to tie your shoes and ask yourself, "Is there anything else I need to do while I'm down here?"

 "Inside every old person is a young one wondering what happened." - The Good, Clean Funnies List A cheerful heart is good medicine... (Prov 17:22a)


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Roz found this:


Flashback Video:
George Burns


Also from the same Facebook friend. This is a wedding in Clarksdale at the Shack Up Inn - a group of old shanties.


This came from a friend on facebook. Lovely

 Flat Out Delta's photo.

Sunset over Deer Creek in downtown Leland, Mississippi

Follow this link to order a print:


Elizabeth had this on Facebook. It's a great slide show of the MS Delta.!i=1749280241&k=VjRpMVQ&lb=1&s=A

Sunset Photography of the Mississippi Delta

Subject:  Just a little something for us young'uns..

We're still on the green side!
Green Side of the Grass
Sound On

If you can't click on Green Side of the Grass go to  She wrote and sings it.

Sent by Robert McMurry in 2012. ( We'll miss him at the 50th Reunion)



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Robert Wylie  Thanks for the referral on Facebook


Robert Wylie 9:27pm Apr 7
Here's an interesting site featuring Greenville & the old Greenville AFB. If you haven't visited it before, there is lots to see...

Here is a site about the flood -

Mississippi River Flood Pictures
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Thanks to Jim Schepens for this one:

You are bound to love this one. 
And, if you are not a Senior, you'd wish that you were one.
Click here: Seniors 


 These are fun sites about Mississippi.

Check this website out for all you Doe's Delta people.

Also some other places - Ground Zero (Francine's husband and Morgan Freeman's place)
And others - It's neat. There's even a video with some.

Click on this link and enjoy the commentary.  It is amazing and well worth the time.



 This is a site I came across a few minutes ago and for the life of me, I don't remember how I found it. Beware of using the advice, unless you see a date newer than 2007 on it. However, it is a wealth of information and fun. "Older than Dirt quizes" humor, Radio shows, links to other good sites. LJ
Try this web site GHS Fight song. Sent by Jim Schepens months ago. It's IL fight song. Tune up for the next reunion. Band members, bring your instruments - or tune up your lips to hum it. LOL

Brand new webite: (4/09)   especially good for locals  open blog, but postive. Events also listed 

Two websites to visit:    This is Gayden Metcalfe's (Harley's wife) and Charlotte Hayes' site. They now have 3 books.

Below is an article from the Wall Street Journal, thanks to Mike Moose.

Below are sites to visit to bring back memories of our good old days! Visit them as you like. I suggest you do not join anything! See Lara's note below... Some things are free, other sites want you to join.  (Roz)

Next referred by Bobby Burke and thanks goes to the creator, OBJ, of this for permission to use it.

This is one of the best presentations of the sixties that I have seen.  It is very well done.  Click on the link below. 

12/8/08 Thanks to Byron we have a Christmas in the Fifties (complete with Elvis) site.   then click the Remembering the fifties link. OR go through

and play any popular song from 1952  through 1982 or go to the specialty areas. You can't miss them. They  are listed in very bright colors.  Enjoy!

 Bill McRight's sister Tammy Reed has a web site for good news about the Delta. "  She has Community Calendar, Birth Announcements, Hunting and Fishing, Cuddles and Hugs (babies), Weddings/Engagements, Classifieds, Fantastic Advertising


I used this website a lot when I was working on our reunion in 2009. I had forgotten about it. Part is free, to get more you have to pay. BUT the free part is good. Lara
                         Baby Boomer Headquarters


Below are links to Greenville links that I asked Jennifer Jones if we could post. Please see the additional note at the bottom on how to perhaps view them better. She has been working hard on getting the pool restoration funds.   City of Greenville, MS  

Greenville/Washington County
Convention and Visitors Bureau
Greenville Air Force Base-Memories - Greenville, Mississippi
The New Greenville bridge web site
Delta News online
DDT newspaper link
new web site for Greenville History museum, still under construction but photos there to view in the meanwhile. (may not be active at the moment. we will check with Ben and find out.

Jennifer Jones  

PS from Jennifer:

 Try these links and see if they work for you. If it takes you to a screen and nothing happens, see if you see the words TRY BETA at the upper right corner. If so, click there and see if the video plays from there. I have tried to figure out how to go straight to the site, has a better and bigger screen, but so far I have had no luck.  (Roz says: Try the BETA site like she says. There are some great photos, plus really nice music... Total of 147 pics. It is a slideshow and quite good. It really brought back lots of memories!)


Jennifer          PS some of these may not work as the company has been bought out........try to see if you can get in!

  Click here: The History Of Wddt Radio